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Salsa  & Bachata  in the Archipelago

Welcome to the hottest event of the summer! Enjoy dancing in the beach, beautiful sunset, amazing boat ride and party in the night. 

Remember to write the package you want in the registration form, and if you want to book the bus travel home. 

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15.30 - 17.30 Beach Activities (only included in Package 1)

Enjoy our beautiful beach area, with music at the beach, social dance, animations, free boat rides, games, activities and exotic drinks in the bar

We will have a private captain to take you out with our Lilla Miami boat to enjoy the views and the sea!

We will also have fun competitions with amazing prices:

1st price: 1 bottle of Rum

2nd price: 2 free entrance for next event

3rd price: 1 private class

17.30 - 19.00 Workshops (only included in Package 1)

17.30 - 18.10

Bachata Sensual Partners (Guille & Nell)

Cuban Partner work (Moa and Raymon)

18.20 - 19.00

Bachata Dominicana Partners (Issa & Sofia)

Rueda De Casino (Williams och Katrin från Danspractican)

19.00 - 21.00 Beach  Party 

We will have two Dj:s at the beach playing bachata sensual, bachata dominicana and salsa. 

21.00 - 01.00  Big  Island Party  

From 21.00 we will open three new dancefloors, salsa cubana and  bachata dominicana at the terass, and bachata sensual in the orangeri.

Dresscode: WHITE PARTY

Island Packages

Package 1 - Everything! (Beach Activities, Workshops, Beach  Party,   Island Party)

Includes Beach Party during the day, all the workshops on the beach plus the amazing island party in the night! 

Time: 15.30 - 01.00
Location: Nya Bistro Björkvik,
Björkviksvägen 24, 134 66 Ingarö

Price: 300 SEK / person


Package 2  - Just the Party! (Beach  Party,   Island Party)

Includes the amazing island party from 19.00 and also the big party that opens 21.00. Between 19.00 -21.00 we will have party in the beach, and at 21.00 the cuban and dominican floor at the terass will open.

Time: 19.00 - 01.00
Location: Nya Bistro Björkvik, Björkviksvägen 24, 134 66 Ingarö

Price: 150 SEK / person 

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The Location:

The event is gonna take place at the restaurant Nya Bistro Björkvik and the beach right next to it. Ny Bistro Björkvik is a classical bistro in the archipelago with a beautiful view over "Nämdöfjärden". You can find the menu of the restaurant here.

Address: Björkviksvägen 24, 134 66 Ingarö

How to get there: 

By car:

Bistro Björkvik is about 40 min drive from central Stockholm. Outside of the restaurant there is a lot of area for parking the car. 

By  bus:


You can take the SL bus directly to the place. Bus 429X goes directly from Slussen to Björkviks Brygga in 39 minutes. 


13.23 (Slussen) -> 14.03 (Björkviks Brygga)

14.53 Slussen) -> 15.32 (Björkviks Brygga)

16.23 (Slussen) -> 17.02 (Björkviks Brygga)

17.53 (Slussen) -> 18.32 (Björkviks Brygga)

You can also go later and change bus at Värmdö Brygga.



Cancellation policy - What happens if it rains?

If we need to cancel the event because of rainy and cold weather, you will have the option to get all the money back, or let us save it for future event! 

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